Pokemon X and Y : Pokemon Generation 6

This morning, a new version of Pokemon was announced. The new game comes out in October 2013, it will be called Pokemon X and Y. Check out the trailer:

This is relevant because it will bring in new Pokemon to the metagame. Seeing as Pokmon Gen5 changed smashed the metagame and drowned it in rain, I’d love to see how Gen6 will change the face of Competitive Pokemon.

Weirdly enough, this game is much ahead of schedule. Usually a new Generation comes out 3 or so years after its previous generation, but Gen6 is coming a mere year after Gen5. Strange…

On a side note doesn’t that deer X legendary look like the forest god from Princess Mononoke?


They came out with names for the legendaries as well as new pictures.



And the names of the new starter Pokemon have been released for quite some time. Here they are:

They are called Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie respectively.

Also they stopped using sprites in game, which means it’s going to be harder to create sprite based emulators :( aww.

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